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Directors Invited

Jonathan Yang 楊


Director Jonathan Yang started his career in film in 1991. He is the top director for commercial ads and music videos for Taiwan's hottest singers. This is his first documentary, fulfilling a childhood dream of his. Fascinated by the story these veterans had to tell, he spent six long years collecting films, data, and interviewing people. Take the this chance to have a conversation with Director Yang!

Sunday, June 24  5:35-6:20pm, after Lost Black Cats 35th Squadron

Fu Yue 傅榆


Fu Yue graduated from Institute of Sound and Image Studies of Tainan National University of Arts in 2008, and now she works in documentary film production. She mainly explores young people’s ideas and attitudes towards Taiwan’s political and economic landscape. Her films have received several awards at the youth film festival in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. "Dialogue between Blue and Green" won the Best Documentary at the 2013 First International Film Festival. "A Perfect Crash" won the Best Short Documentary at the 2016 Hong Kong Chinese Documentary Festival. "Our Youth In Taiwan" won the Best Documentary at the 2018 Taipei Golden Horse Awards and Taipei Film Awards.

Wednesday, June 26  9:40-10:25pm, after Our Youth In Taiwan

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