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Short Films Block 1: Hopes and Dreams

View virtually Saturday August 14 - Sunday August 22

There are two Short Films Blocks.

Live Short Film Block 1: Director Q&A will be Tues August 17 at 7pm (PDT).

The short film selections from this block are recommended by our friends at Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards (FFIFA).

Turn Around and Run / 少年偷竊記
Director: Yu-Che (Victor) Wu 吳語哲

Director Wu will be at the Q&A session on Tues Aug 17 at 7pm (PDT)


His mom promised she would watch and cheer for him at his table tennis match if he made it to the school competition. However, he’s not a good player and his old table tennis paddle broke during training. Most importantly, his father disapproves of him playing table tennis…



This film is the graduation production of Director Wu. And it has won multiple awards.

本片為國立臺灣藝術大學電影學系學生創作短片。入圍2019 年第41屆金穗獎學生組最佳劇情片,於第二屆淡捲影展中拿下多項大獎,並獲選2018 年新北市學生影像新星獎年度優選影片。


This film was recommended by our friends at FFIFA (Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards 福爾摩沙國際電影節).

Turn Around and Run_Still04.jpg
Good Hands Good Feet 好手好腳
Director: Marshall Law 馬修羅

Out of desperation, Howard Chen has no choice but to convince his ex-girlfriend to give a rich old man a hand job in exchange for money. Howard’s ex-girlfriend, Jane Chuang, also out of desperation, makes a bold counter-offer for more money. They work together and finally get the old man to agree to their offer. Now with such a tremendous fortune, they’re finally able to right a few wrongs in their lives and are likely to live happily ever after.




Director Marshall Law was born on March 13, 1983 in Taipei, Taiwan. He was raised in a middle class family where his father would urge him to pursue a higher education in the US. Marshall eventually graduated from the prestigious Art Center College of Design with a MFA film degree and started working as a freelance film director. His career breakthrough came when Voodoo Bear (2012), a short film he directed, won the College Television Award from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Presented with many offers, Marshall now travels around the world, taking on bigger projects.


台灣導演馬修羅在一個小康家庭中長大,家中長輩總是期盼他能到美國深造。美國藝術中心設計學院電影碩士。執導的短片《Voodoo Bear》(2012)在榮獲Academy of Television Arts & Sciences College Television Awards 後逐漸嶄露頭角。現旅居世界各地並持續創作。


This film was recommended by our friends at FFIFA (Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards 福爾摩沙國際電影節).

Grows from Prickles / 芒刺
Director: Chin-Ting Lee 李晉廷

Yu-Yun, studying in Department of Horticulture, had a nightmare of being struck one night. However, she found that she really had real scaf in real world. Yu-Yun tried her best to find the reason by virtue of the indistinct memory; and she found that this nightmare seems to be related to a psychological trauma in the past. Moreover, this nightmare seemed to exist in the real world.

At the same time, the relationship between Yu-Yun and her best friend Chia-An started to deteriorate. Plucking up the courage and facing herself became the only way to solve the problem.





Director Chin-Ting Lee, graduated from the department of Radio and Television in National Chengchi University in Taiwan, is engaged in acting now. He directed “Grows from Prickles” as his graduation production in 2018.

導演李晉廷,政大廣電系畢業,現在正往演員之路發展。本片為2018 年國立政治大學傳播學院畢展劇情片。入圍2018 年福爾摩沙電影櫥窗WOFFF(Windows of Formosa Film Festival)多個獎項。

This film was recommended by our friends at FFIFA (Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards 福爾摩沙國際電影節).

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