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Passes and individual tickets are now available for purchase!

And add-on more food/drinks and swag for Fri Aug 13 Drive-in event pick up!


Individual Tickets

Individual tickets are available for purchase!

Drive-in Theater Event is $38

Each Virtual Film/Short Film Block is $10

Pre-order additional food from MIT Food Truck ($7/dish)

drinks from The Dailies ($5/drink)

and SeaTAFF T-shirts and Blankets ($20 each)

for pick-up at the Drive-in Event now!

*After purchasing a pass, remember to reserve your individual tickets (films) from the schedule after getting your pass! Go to the schedule, click "Order Tickets" and then select the pass you'd like to use to complete the order. Enjoy the festival!


For example. If you ordered the Short Films Pass: go to the Virtual Film Festival page (, select the Short Film Block 1: Hopes and Dreams, and then order a "ticket" by selecting the pass. And then do the same to redeem ticket for Short Film Block 2: Perception. Enjoy the festival!


**Physical item (food,drinks,swags) are only redeemable at the Drive-in Event on Friday August 13, 2021. Please redeem at a timely manner to guarantee you get the option you wanted.


***All pass and tickets are non-refundable. They are transferable.

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