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The Patriotic Lottery 愛國獎卷


The Patriotic Lottery was a rags to riches dream of early Taiwanese, pictures and slogans on the lottery ticket was filled with political agenda and function to educate them on model living standards. The artist of the tickets’ pictures, Lin Qing Xiong was kidnapped thrice and asked about the plaque. He uttered nonsense concerning a dream and plaque which miraculously became a winning ticket of the next day, and this event had stayed as an special part of a memory in his life.

Director's statement

The events that happened at that time may appear to be ridiculous yet interesting, it even tell an event of a kidnap. This evoke the memories of many, while The Patriotic Lottery had brought about a huge influence on many aspects of societal life. Through the short drama, I try to tell the audience the common memories of the Taiwanese society and shared the meaning that it had brought to us.

Directed by Lian Kien Hui

Lian Kien Hui was born in a historical city in Malacca, Malaysia. After graduated from Shih Hsin University Taiwan,Lian taking his MFA course in Taipei National University of the Arts,Department of Filmmaking.

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