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Our Youth In Taiwan


Wednesday, June 26 7:40pm @ SIFF Uptown Cinema


Preceded by Opening

A star of the Taiwanese student movement, a celebrity Chinese student who loves Taiwan, and a Taiwanese documentary filmmaker passionate about politics. Each of them shared dreams of rebellion and building a better country. In the wake of the biggest social movement in Taiwan in recent years, they reflect on how close they came to realizing their goals, how they were let down, and whether it is still possible to continue fighting for ideals.


Q&A with Director Yue Fu after the documentary screening.

Director Yue Fu graduated from Institute of Sound and Image Studies of Tainan National University of Arts in 2008. “People tend to think this film is about politics, but it is actually about youth.”  Her documentaries mainly explores the younger generations’ ideas and attitudes towards Taiwan’s political and economic landscape.  Her films have received several awards, most recently Best Documentary at Golden Horse Awards and Taipei Film Awards for "Our Youth In Taiwan". Take this chance to have a conversation with Director Fu!

Genre: Documentary

Directed by Yue Fu

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