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My Missing Valentine

Sat August 14 - Sun August 15, 2021


Online (WA State Only)

Postal worker Yang Hsiao-Chi, has always been too fast at everything. She can’t sing or dance in rhythm, she laughs at jokes before everyone does and always misses connections. On Valentine’s Day eve, she finally falls in love with a gentle community folk dance teacher who is totally her type. After she wakes up one day and realizes she missed an entire day of her life—including a monumental date with an exciting new lover—Yang sets off to discover what happened on the day she missed, and what explains her disjointed sense of time. 



Director: Yu-Hsun Chen 陳玉勳導演

Actors: Kuan-Ting Liu, Patty Pei-Yu Lee, Duncan Lai, 劉冠廷; 李霈瑜; 周群達

Time: 119min

Year: 2020

Genre: Drama

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