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Lost Black Cats 35th Squadron

疾風魅影- 黑貓中隊

Sunday, June 23 4:00pm @ SIFF Uptown Cinema


Preceded by Long Time No Sea

During the Cold War, a secret mission, which the survival rate is lower than the Russian Roulette, 28 Black-Cats-Squadron Pilots’ stories give out a question without an answer: Who is the real hero?


In the Black-Cats-Squadron, 28 pilots participated in this spy/secret mission for 14 years. Seven of them passed away during the training, and three passed away while in the mission. Another two pilots were shot down by the communists and were captivated in Beijing for more than 20 years. After that, they could not come back to Taiwan because of the tensions within…


45 years after the last mission of the Black-Cats-Squadron, the audience can now see the whole picture through this documentary. It gives the audience a tender but strong reminder: not forgetting those people who sacrificed for the country!

Q&A with Director Jonathan Yang after the documentary screening.

Director Jonathan Yang started his career in film in 1991. He is the top director for commercial ads and music videos for Taiwan's hottest singers. This is his first documentary, fulfilling a childhood dream of his. Fascinated by the story these veterans had to tell, he spent six long years collecting films, data, and interviewing people. Take the this chance to have a conversation with Director Yang!

Genre: Documentary

Directed by Jonathan Yang

Followed by Q&A with Director Jonathan Yang

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