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Long Time No Sea 只有大海知道

Sunday, June 23 1:30pm @ SIFF Uptown Cinema


Preceded by Opening

Raised by his grandma, Ma Na Wei has lived a frugal life on Lanyu (Orchid Island). At the Lanyu’s tribal (Tao tribe) community’s elementary school, a newly qualified teacher, Yu Zhongxun, sees the tiny island as a backward and boring place.  He desperately wants to get back to his former colorful metropolitan life. The teacher saw an opportunity to get a decent performance evaluation by having the students participate in the annual Aboriginal Dance Competition. As the students and teachers work to prepare for the competition, they explore their potentials and reclaim their lost pride and courage.

Genre: Drama, Family

Directed by Heather Tsui

Followed by Lost Black Cats 35th Squadron

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