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Feature Films

Dear Tenant 親愛的房客

Chen Uen 千年一問

My Missing Valentine 消失的情人節

The Way Home 阿查依蘭的呼喚 + Director Elaine Wei Q&A 魏郁蓁導演座談會


Dear Tenant


Lin, a kind-hearted tenant, who has been looking after an old landlord (Mrs. Chou) suffering from late-stage diabetes and her nine-year-old grandson (Yo-Yu). However, after Mrs. Chou passed away under mysterious circumstances, things began going downhill. Li-gang (Yo-Yu’s uncle) returns from overseas and creates troubles when he discovers that the ownership of his mother’s apartment has been transferred to Yo-Yu, who has been legally adopted by Lin. 


Director Yu-Chieh Cheng


Friday August 13

Vasa Resort Park, Bellevue, WA

Door opens at 7pm (PDT)

Film start around dusk (programming starts 8:30 something)

You can set up some camping chairs around your car instead. But sorry, no dogs allowed as they might be disruptive to other patrons.

Food and beverage available for pre-purchases and

limited amount for on-site purchase

Chen Uen


Chen Uen is the most celebrated comic artist in Asia. His work is demonstrated with a unique style of aesthetic that blends art forms of Chinese ink painting and western painting skills. His agility and skillfulness in using various materials has made his art unparalleled, regarded as “Chen Uen aesthetic.” This film focuses on Chen Une’s art career, depicting his aesthetics of life through representing his works and interviewing those familiar with his works. Part of the film also gives a brief overview on the scenarios of comic industries in greater China and Japan, which tries to explore and carries forward on Chen’s legacy.


Director Wan-Jo Wang


Virtual Viewing

Saturday August 14 - Friday August 19


My Missing Valentine


Postal worker Yang Hsiao-Chi, has always been too fast at everything. She can’t sing or dance in rhythm, she laughs at jokes before everyone does and always misses connections. On Valentine’s Day eve, she finally falls in love with a gentle community folk dance teacher who is totally her type. After she wakes up one day and realizes she missed an entire day of her life—including a monumental date with an exciting new lover—Yang sets off to discover what happened on the day she missed, and what explains her disjointed sense of time. 


Director Yu-Hsun Chen


Virtual Viewing

Saturday August 14 - Sunday August 15

WA State Viewing only

The Way Home


Dremedrema is the tribal chief heir of her tribe. Being the eldest means she must accept the inheritance of her position and status according to the tradition. However, her mother and children hope she would disavow the obligation. Even Dremedrema herself had run away from her tribe once, her ancestral spirits would not give up on her. She is a tribal chief who doesn't speak the native tongue. At the same time, she is a devoted single mother of three. She is a chief without her traditional tribal family house and unable to live within the tribe. However, despite ten years of effort, it is a home that she cannot return to easily. A female tribal chief's arduous journey to heed the call of her ancestral roots.


從小被送往平地生活的排灣族孩子廖莉華,在父親過世後回到出生的大後部落接下頭目一職。錯過了耳濡目染的年紀,廖莉華企圖重新拾起母語與傳統,以告慰祖靈她的歸來; 而部落內部的權勢紛爭與長輩的苛責,讓頭目廖莉華在這條回家的路上面臨著許多考驗。

Director Elaine Wei


Virtual Viewing

Saturday August 14 - Sunday August 22

Live Director Elaine Wei Q&A

Sunday August 15 at 7pm (PDT)

(Suggestion: Start watching Documentary by 5:30pm)

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