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Color Positive


Los Angeles, California. Kate returns home after her father passes away, only to struggle for closure. Having had a language barrier with him for her entire life, Kate searches for meaning in their emotionally distant relationship.

Director's Statement

There is a fleeting characteristic to memory, and I find that film embodies it in a unique way. In Color Positive, I wanted to visualize that feeling, and experiment with time in the filmic medium. Whether it is through the use of a flashback or having Kate literally look into the past, I strive to point out that the past and present often overlap, even though we may be unaware of it. Another integral category that I wanted to showcase was an ordinary, realistic, Asian immigrant family living in America. This includes everything from the layout and decorations in the house, to Kate’s quietly dysfunctional family. I have never seen a film that reflects my (and many others’) Asian American experience. It was only natural to present that not as an otherness, but as a simple, matter-of-fact, way of life.

Directed by Jessie Lee

Jessie Lee was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and spent ten years on the other side of the world in Taipei, Taiwan. While in college, she majored in film studies and literary journalism. After graduating, she worked as an assistant editor at a trailer house in Los Angeles for a few years. Jessie is currently a MFA Film Directing student at UCLA.
Ta ye ke yi shuo zhong wen.


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