We wouldn't have been able to make Seattle Taiwanese American Film Festival happen without the support from these wonderful organizations!


Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival (TWFF)

Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival (TWFF), started in 2007, is an annual non-profit arts and cultures initiative, and has become the largest film festival focusing on Taiwanese cinema in America.

Over the past years, TWFF has presented more than 100 Taiwanese films and invited many filmmakers to Vancouver. We have received widespread supports in recognition of our continuous efforts in contributing to the diversity and enrichment of Canada's multiculturalism and promoting inter-cultural understanding.

Taiwanese American Film Festival
Los Angeles (TAFF)

The Taiwanese American Film Festival celebrates the achievements of up–and–coming Taiwanese American and Taiwanese international cinema artists.

Our goal is to create a platform for emerging storytellers and to empower them on their next cinematic venture.


Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards (FFIFA)

FFIFA, Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards, is dedicated to providing filmmakers an international platform for networking, sharing, and exchange for filmmaking resources and experience, focusing on the environment, encouraging various new types of visual creating, connecting independent filmmakers from both Taiwan and the rest of the world. By means of gathering talented filmmakers and showcasing independent films, we hope the filmmakers from all over the world can get to know more about Taiwan and gain more creative inspiration and filmmaking partners by eating, moving, living, networking, and watching films on this beautiful island.