Chen Uen

Sat August 14 - Fri August 20, 2021


Chen Uen is the most celebrated comic artist in Asia. His work is demonstrated with a unique style of aesthetic that blends art forms of Chinese ink painting and western painting skills. His agility and skillfulness in using various materials has made his art unparalleled, regarded as “Chen Uen aesthetic.” This film focuses on Chen Une’s art career, depicting his aesthetics of life through representing his works and interviewing those familiar with his works. Part of the film also gives a brief overview on the scenarios of comic industries in greater China and Japan, which tries to explore and carries forward on Chen’s legacy.



Director: Wan-Jo Wang 王婉柔導演·

Actors: Uen Chen 鄭問 

Film Length: 135min (2hr15min)

Year: 2020

Genre: Documentary