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The Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful 血觀音

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Pre-Movie Seminar - Devil's in the Details:

Who's Who and What to Watch For?

Family ties turn deadly in this clever crime drama from director Yang Ya-Che. Mrs. Tang (played by the spellbinding Kara Wei) is the matriarch of an illustrious and influential family whose cold-blooded decisions have earned her brood a powerful place in society. Scheming with a set of politicians, Mrs. Tang plans to secure a prized real estate deal. But this plot turns complicated as her daughters unravel the truth, one ignorant of their mother’s machinations and another following in her footsteps.

Set in 1980s Taiwan, this unnerving drama is a tale of secrets, of mothers and daughters and the fight to not only attain power, but to keep it. In 2017, the film was nominated for numerous titles at the 54th Golden Horse Awards, taking home top honors for Best Feature Film and Best Leading Actress for Wei.

Taiwanese director Yang Ya-Che was born in 1971, his feature film debut was Orz Boyz. His second feature Gf*Bf and latest film The Bold, The Corrupt and the Beautiful were both nominated for Best Director at the Golden Horse Awards


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