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About Us


Films are window to cultures, people, and nations; environment impacts the ways that filmmakers choose to help telling their stories. Taiwanese American Professionals - Seattle Chapter and Seattle Taiwanese American Film Festival would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the achievements of new, up-and-coming Taiwanese American and Taiwanese film talents! We hope to bring the uniqueness of Taiwan to Seattle through films and inspire Seattleites to visit Taiwan and fall in love with its richness of culture, land, and people.



Our Journey

Inaugural SeaTAFF - June 2018

SeaTAFF Encore - On Happiness Road - Oct 2018

2nd Annual SeaTAFF - June 2019

3rd Annual SeaTAFF - Aug 2021

About the Organizer
Taiwanese American Professionals - Seattle Chapter

Seattle Taiwanese American Film Festival is founded and presented by Taiwanese American Professionals - Seattle Chapter (TAP-Seattle).


In March 2004, a group of energetic Taiwanese American professionals in the Greater Seattle area formed an organization that would provide platform for young Taiwanese and Asian American professional to network and support each other. We hope to provide resources and programs that inspire and empower; develop and support professionals to become community-oriented leaders. 

The 4 main TAP focuses are leadership, identity, networking, and community. We organize events such as TAPpy hour, game nights, mentorship program, community service, Zumba, and SeaTAFF.   

TAP-Seattle is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization through its parent organization, Taiwanese Americn Citizens League (TACL).

For more information about TAP-Seattle:




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